Lumber spine: lower Extremity Stretching -

Sciatic Flossing

Purpose:: to improve Sciatic nerve mobility.


1. Patient supine with knees bent.

2. Have patient place hands behind the right knee.

3. Pull the right knee to 90° of hip flexion.

4. Have patient extend the right leg toward the ceiling until a light stretch is felt. (Stretch should be subjectively rated a 2-3 on stretching scale)

5. Next have them point their toes to the ceiling.

6. Have them oscillate between knee extension with toes pointed to ceiling and knee flexion with toes pulled back towards chest. Oscillation should only be approximately 10-15° of motion.

7. After 30 seconds switch legs and repeat above steps. Perform for a total of 1 minute on both legs.

Precautions: Watch for neutral cervical spine position. Use a pillow under head if necessary.

Variations: add hip internal rotation and hip adduction, and/or hip external rotation and hip abduction for varying planes of stretching.

Repetitions/Puration/Freqcauency; See instructions.

Diagram/Exercise Card;

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