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Course Descriptions

WELL 110 F Pathology: The Massage Connection (3 Units)

This course is designed to meet the specific needs of massage therapy students and professional interested in pathology.  This course includes topics such as pain, inflammation and healing, and pathology associated with each of the systems.  This class is part of the Physical Education's Therapeutic and Sports Massage: Massage Therapist Program. (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 119 F Applied Biomechanics (2 Units)

This interactive and informative course takes an in-depth look at the kinesiology and functional actions of the torso, legs, and upper body musculature as it applies to exercise. Students will learn the proper postural stabilization techniques, selective recruitment patterns and progressive resistance that influences overall body alignment along with practical implications of bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and muscle actions in developing structurally sound exercise programs. (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 230 F The Body-Mind Connection (3 Units)

Body-mind health refers to the integration of the mind (our thoughts, attitudes and emotions) and the body, and to their impact on our overall health and well being. Body-mind health encompasses all aspects of out lives; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. (CSU) (Degree credit) CSU GE

WELL 232 F Introduction to Massage (4 Units)

This course is the foundation for the entire Therapeutic and Sports Massage Program. It gives the students theoretical, practical and professional experience in massage therapy. The student will master a a solid core of skills, body mechanics, client assessment and centering skills.  The students will learn to give and receive a full body relaxation massage. (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 233 F Intermediate Massage (4 Units)
Advisory: WELL 238 F

This course focuses on massage applications with therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques.  Students will learn therapeutic techniques that can maximize the efficiency . of their work.  Applications introduced include deep tissue, postural realignment, craniosacaral motion and aromatherapy.  Special attention is given to palpatory skills.  (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 234 F Advanced Massage (4 Units)
Advisory: WELL 238 F

This hands-on course explores a variety of techniques appropriate to a spa setting.  This course is designed to enhance the skills of massage students who have already completed the basic and intermediate massage courses.  Methods and procedures of advanced soft tissue techniques and related topics; an integration of techniques practiced in intermediate massage.   (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 236 F Sports Massage (3 Units)

This course will offer the basic principles of sports massage. This course will give the student working knowledge of athletes' needs and emphasizes preventive and post-event massage. (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 238 F Massage and Bodywork Lab (2 Units)
Advisory: WELL 232 F, WELL 236 F

This course offers students the practical experience of giving a professional massage.  This lab experience develops student confidence and professional massage skills while working with the public under supervision of instructor.  Course may be taken three times for credit. (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 239 F Internship Massage and Bodywork (1-4 Units)
Prerequisite: WELL 233 F, WELL 234 F

Students apply their knowledge and skills working directly with the public in supervised settings.  Students independently perform field work under supervision in various setting (i.e., community agencies, with athletic teams, spas, chiropractors or healthcare facilities).  Students are required to complete four units for the Therapeutic and Sports Massage Certificate.  Course may be taken four times for a maximum of eight units. credit. (CSU) (Degree credit)

WELL 265 F Kinesiology (3 Units)

This class is designed for physical education students, massage therapists, personal trainers, Pilates instructors, coaches and others who are interested in the overall health of individuals. (CSU) (Degree credit)


ANTH 102 F Cultural Anthropology (3 Units)

This course is an introduction to the cultural aspects of man's behavior and the nature of culture. It includes the uniformities and variabilities of culture, social organization, family structure, religion, language, and other basic topics. This course fulfills the Multicultural Education Requirement for graduation. (CSU) (UC) (Degree Credit) AA GE, CSU GE, IGETC, MULT CULT REQ

BIOL 102 F Human Biology (3 Units)

Integrated lectures, discussions and films are designed to study modern biological concepts presented in human context.  The concepts include biological chemistry, cellular basis of life, energetics, cell cycle, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, development, genetics, demography, ecology and evolution.  included in the course are discussions of current topics on environmental, nutritional and public health issues as they relate to the human condition.  (CSU) (Degree credit)  AA GE, CSU GE, IGETC

BIOL 102 LF Human Biology Lab (1 Units)

This laboratory supplements the BIOL 102 F Human Biology lecture. This is a general education course for non biology majors providing direct participation in experiments, demonstrations and discussions.  Topics include: elements of human anatomy and physiology, fitness, nutrition, disease, elements of human heredity and environmental adaptations.  (CSU) (Degree credit)  CSU GE, IGETC

BUS 180 F Small Business Management (3 Units)

This course studies various small business enterprises including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, and home-based business.  Factors in business success and advantages and disadvantages of business ownership are analyzed.  This course covers the problems encountered in organizing and  operating a small business, including financial sources, accounting information, marketing and other related information. (CSU) (Degree credit)

NUTR 210 F Human Nutrition (3 Units)

This course is an introduction to the science of nutrition.  Major principles, functions and sources of nutrients, as well as chemistry, physiology and wellness as they relate to nutrition are discussed.  Application of nutrition of today's lifestyles is stressed; students will analyze their own eating and food intake.  This course is transferable to most universities and satisfies the Fullerton College natural science requirement for graduation.  (CSU) (US) (Degree credit) AA GE, CSU GE

PE 102 F Yoga (1 Unit)

This is an overview course in yoga, an integrated study of health. It involves the practice of breathing techniques, hatha yoga postures (asanas), meditation, and relaxation. Emphasis is on practicing the principles of pranayama (breathing) and deep relaxation to reduce stress; improve concentration, circulation, and flexibility; and unify body, mind, and spirit. The hatha yoga portion will also help to tone and strengthen muscles. Course may be taken four times for credit. (CSU) (UC Credit Limitation) (Degree Credit) CSU GE

PE 103 F Aikido (1 Unit)

Aikido is a relatively modern Japanese martial art based upon nonresistance rather than strength. It is a nonaggressive, non-competitive art based upon a philosophy that stresses harmony with nature and control of body and mind. Comparison and introduction to related forms of throwing arts is included. Self-confidence is enhanced through the study of technique. Course may be taken four times for credit. (CSU) (UC Credit Limitation) (Degree Credit) CSU GE

PE 110 F Pilates (1 Unit)

A course in alignment and correctives work based on exercises and concepts developed by Joseph H. Pilates. The course will include "mat work" and will emphasize exercise for improved body alignment, strength, flexibility, control, coordination and breathing. Course may be taken four times for credit. (CSU) (UC Credit Limitation) (Degree Credit) CSU GE

PE 235 F First Aid, CPR and Safety Education (2 Units)

This course clarifies when and how to call for emergency medical help, eliminating the confusion that is frequently a factor in an emergency.  This course also emphasizes the importance of a safe, healthy lifestyle.  The American Red Cross instructional outline will be followed.  Upon successful completion the students will be certified in both Standard First Aid and CPR.  (CSU) (UC Credit Limitation) (Degree credit)

PE 236 F Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3 Units)

This course is designed to give the student a basic exposure to the care and prevention of sports related injuries and illnesses. Discussion includes mechanism of injury, signs and symptoms and the appropriate treatment for the most common injuries. Some class time is spent in the Fullerton College training room learning how to tape ankles and better understand the necessary equipment. (CSU) (UC Credit Limitation) (Degree Credit)

PE 270 F Diet and Exercise for Athletes (3 Units)

This course is designed to help understand the concept of lifelong weight management. The goal is to learn to combine the good nutritional habits along with a quality exercise regime to meet weight control goals. The class will include comprehensive lectures with an affecting weight-related problem with athletes. The course will emphasize caloric planning, energy expenditure, metabolism, and eating disorders. Diet theories will be explained along with the evaluation of fad diets and supplements. (CSU) (Degree Credit)

WELL 221 F Personal Training Internship (1 - 2 Units)
Prerequisite: ANAT 231 F; NUTR 210 F; PE 154 F, PE 235 F; WELL 040 F, WELL 119 F, WELL 200 F. Plus two units of restricted electives from:
PE 147 F, PE 152 F, PE 159 F, PE 199 F, PE 243 F, PE 266 F; WELL 242 F

This course is designed to provide our Personal Training certificate students an opportunity to train clients (current FC students) under the supervision of our Physical Education faculty. The trainer gains practical hands-on experience working with clients. Course may be taken twice for credit. (CSU) (PE 199 F UC review required.) (Degree Credit)

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