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Fullerton College

 Therapeutic & Sports Massage


 Mission Statement

The mission of Fullerton College School of Massage is to provide career training in Therapeutic & Sport Massage.  The department has a commitment to holistic education and the training is designed to provide a safe space in which to integrate the body, mind, heart and spirit.  Our intention is; 

- To prepare students with the technical, business, professional and customer

    service skills required to succeed in the field of Therapeutic and Sports Massage.

- To cultivate the compassionate, therapeutic and healing aspects of touch.

- To prepare students to take the NCBTMB Examination (National Certification Board

    for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork).

- To make a positive difference in the quality of life for everyone who participates  with us.


 About The Program

The Fullerton College Therapeutic & Sports Massage program provides a thorough and broad-based entry-level education for those who want a program that supports integration of personal and professional development.


 Level I Massage Technician Certification

 (Requires a minimum of 20 units, 408 hours)  This program is designed to prepare students with the necessary entry level (technical), business and professional skills for employment in the field of massage therapy.

        ▫ Well 119 F Applied Biomechanics (2)                     ▫ Well 230 F The Body-Mind Connection (3)*

        ▫ Well 232 F Introduction to Massage (4)*                 ▫ Well 236 F Sports Massage (3)*

        ▫ Well 238 F Massage & Bodywork Lab (2)*              ▫ Biol 102 F / 102 LF Human Biology & Lab (4)

        ▫ PE 235 F First Aid, CPR and Safety Education (2)


 Level II Massage Technician Certification

 (Requires a minimum of 36 units, 850 hours for Certification)  This program is designed to further develop skills, awareness, professional confidence and competence for employment and licensure in the massage and sports massage industry.

Required Courses (16 Units), Total Units Both Certificates (36 Units)

        ▫ Completion of Technician Level I                             ▫ Well 234 F Advanced Massage (3)*

        ▫ Well 233 F Intermediate Massage (3)*                      ▫ Nutr 210 F Human Nutrition (3)

        ▫ Well 110 F Pathology: The Massage Connection (2)*          

        ▫ Bus 180 F Small Business Management (3)

        ▫ Well 239 F Internship Massage & Bodywork (1-8) 2 Required*

* Courses must be taken at Fullerton College.

Note:  All courses must be completed with a C or better!


Program Instructors

Connie Carroll:  MS, MA, HHP, LMT, Program Director        Loretta Gallagher: HHP, MT, BS

Jeff Jesperson: BS                                                                      Alba Tucker: LMT

Dr. Michael Kelley: DC, PhD Biomechanics                           Monica Soukair: LMT, HHP

Cathy Underwood: MT, BS


For course information;


Telephone: (714) 992-7474